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Dominick Trombetta, Pharm.D, &
Michael Palladini, RPh, MBA

2 - 3 pm

The Evolution of Pain Management- Novel Medications

Dr. Dominick Trombetta (pictured at left) is an Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice at Wilkes University.

Michael Palladini (pictured at right) is the author of Spellbound and Sensationless, and Drugs of Abuse: From Doctors to Dealers, Users and Healers.

Learning Objectives

1.  Discuss using kratom, ketamine, and low-dose naltrexone for chronic pain management.

2. Explain the pharmacology, adverse effects, and potential benefits of kratom, ketamine, and low-dose naltrexone for pain management.

3. Assess the evidence and impact on patients and primary care providers seeking alternatives for pain management.

Biography continued...

Dominick Trombetta

Dr. Trombetta received a BS in Pharmacy from Temple University and Pharm.D from Shenandoah University. Dominick’s practice interests are geriatrics, internal medicine, and pain management.  He maintains an active clinical practice at Allied Services Rehabilitation Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  He has been a clinical educator and consultant for Alosa Health since 2005 on various academic detailing projects.

Michael Palladini

Mr. Palladini received his BA in Psychology from the Penn State University, BS in Pharmacy from Virginia Commonwealth University, and MBA from Robert Morris University. He has been dedicated to exploring drug trends of psychoactive medications and presenting that information in the form of live presentations, discussions, and training, as well as the written word. His career has allowed him to work with fascinating people that share his enthusiasm for bringing a greater understanding of drug use to the forefront. Through both scientific and objective data, to imaginative storytelling, Michael attempts to share this information with compassion, care, and understanding.

Presentation Slides

Click below for the presentation slides.

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