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Belinda Sibanda, Internal Medicine Resident Physician PGY3, MD, MS, MSEd

2 - 3 pm

Eliminating Racial Bias in Pain Treatment

Belinda Sibanda, MD, is an Internal Medicine Resident Physician in her final year of medical residency training.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify race as an important social determinant of health.

2. Recognize health disparities that disproportionately affect racial minorities.

3. Reflect on ways that implicit bias and perceptions can adversely impact the physician-patient therapeutic relationship and contribute to racial disparities in pain treatment.

4. Identify actionable steps that providers and organizations can take to redress racial disparities in pain management.

Biography continued...

She will be pursuing a career as a primary care physician. Her professional interests include health equity, intersectionality and social determinants of health, community-oriented medicine, and healthcare advocacy.

Presentation Slides

Click below for the presentation slides. 

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